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REPOWER energy certification: we are a green structure inside!

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Ma-El has obtained the important Renewable-Energy Certificate of Origin from REPOWER: we are a green structure inside!

The certification of energy origin for a company is a document that certifies the origin and type of energy used in business operations. This certification provides fundamental transparency regarding the energy sources from which the company draws to feed its activities, enabling both the company itself and its stakeholders to understand the environmental impact and sustainability of its operations.

This certification is an important step in the adoption of sustainable business practices. Through documentation of the energy sources used, the company demonstrates a commitment to reducing the use of non-renewable sources and adopting cleaner and renewable alternatives, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric or geothermal energy.

The main elements of an energy certification include:

Origin of Energy: The certification indicates whether the energy used by the company comes from renewable or non-renewable sources. This provides a clear indication of the environmental footprint of business activities.

Percentage of Renewable Energy: The certification may include the percentage of renewable energy in the total energy consumed by the company. This can be crucial in assessing how committed the company is to using clean sources.

CO2 emissions Avoided: In some cases, certification could include estimates of CO2 emissions avoided by the use of renewable energy sources. This helps to communicate the positive impact on climate change.

Validity and Renewal: The certification will have a specific duration and may require periodic renewal. This ensures that the company maintains consistency with its sustainability statements over time.

Traceability: The certification provides a traceability of energy sources from the origin to their use within the company. This can be important to prove the veracity of company claims.

In summary, energy certification for a company is a crucial tool to demonstrate commitment to sustainable practices and to promote environmental responsibility. Through this document, the company can communicate with transparency its dedication to the use of cleaner and renewable energy sources, contributing to the progress towards a more sustainable future.

View certificate obtained from Ma-El

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