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Ma.El. Ma-El of Presezzo, deformation for passion And a turnover from 4 million. Bergamo News

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Below entire article published in Bergamo News and accessible at this link

Ma El (acronym of Elvino Mazzoleni, name of the founder) was born in Valle Imagna in early 1975, after Elvino Mazzoleni, at the age of 26, he had left the role of manager of an important Lecco company specialized in the production of moulds and metal stampings. Together with his wife, graduated in accounting, he had decided to set up his own business and to set up a small start-up, as we would say today, having already gained, although very young, a considerable experience and craftsmanship in the design, production and installation of moulds for the vast majority of the machines then designed and manufactured in Italy (especially in the Province of Lecco) and exported to the main world markets.

From birth thereforethe orientation of the Company has been in the direction of specialization, quality, innovation and, last but not the least, the opening to international markets and the direct knowledge of customers, their specific needs, with respect to which the Company has always been a reliable partner and able to provide customized solutions.

All these values are now present and even enhanced, thanks to the second generation, represented in particular by Massimo Mazzoleni who shares with Ma – El srl the year of birth.

“Over the years,” – he explains with well-founded pride Massimo Mazzoleni, which has become part of the Board of Directors, after a long series of professional and study experiences, outside the family business, Law degree and MBA with focus on SMEs in Bocconi – “we have invested continuously since 2007, in correspondence of the first crisis of the field, to today: the new center of Presezzo, wider and efficient, also from the environmental and energetic point of view; the long distance of advising in order to obtain important certifications (9001, 14001, 18001 e TS 16949) that have led to a qualification of the activities of Ma-El, encouraging the penetration into new markets and expanding the product range; the new ERP system, developed in collaboration with a young group of computer scientists, eager to experiment and experiment in this new challenge”.

From the words of Massimo Mazzoleni we get the feeling, then confirmed by the economic results, – the turnover has had an average annual growth of 15%, reaching the current 4 million euros and predicting an increase to 6 million in 2017-, that the entrepreneur has operated in the past and operates every day a series of choices that involve risks and require great sacrifices and a lot of courage. , But – El exports about 75% of turnover abroad, being in particular supplier of the automotive supply chain which is still the sector where the most significant investments in terms of research, innovation, development, quality and volumes are made.

“The reasons why we decided to invest are many, entrepreneurial and more exquisitely personal” – explains Massimo Mazzoleni – “The bond with the territory, the family ties, the group that my father and mother (both are present in the company) are at the origin of our tenacity in staying rooted in this placein this market niche, while aiming to grow, aware of the difficulties and risks. Non si tratta solo di resistere, come dicono alcuni; si tratta anche di approfittare di questi momenti di crisi per guidare il cambiamento. Today, as in the past, in the small family business”- concludes Massimo Mazzoleni, specifying that this is not a complaint, but an awareness of the problem – “entrepreneurs do everything in the Company: they follow the commercial, productive aspects; they know the Customers; they are involved in resolving technical issues and, perhaps, compared to the past, they must dare more if they want to keep up with the times, where markets have evolved and the needs of customers have gradually increased exponentiallyquality, delivery times, prices, etc.”.

Naturally, Massimo Mazzoleni is aware and admits that all this is made possible thanks to the fact that the Company has enjoyed in these excellent financial health and rests on solid foundations in terms of orders, specific skills and highly qualified personnel. However, an unmistakable personal component emerges, an attitude to risk that is typical of the entrepreneur and in the case of Massimo Mazzoleni coincides with another great experience, sports: for years Massimo Mazzoleni and other friends skiers, like him, have committed themselves toestablish and develop a competitive activity of extreme skiing to conquer mountain peaks over 3000 meters: Ukraine, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Italy, United States.

“Of course, this too has been a great training ground for learning to become familiar with danger, to know one’s limits and to draw, in case of need, from deep resources that are in the possession of every brave man”.

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