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Green Factory – Life, for cleaner air in the factory

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LIFE Green Factory project: providing an integrated system of environmental sanitization that, through a series of air quality detectors distributed throughout the plant, is able to constantly monitor the pollution parameters of the entire production siteo. This is, in summary, the main objective of the Green Factory Life project, the result of the technical-design partnership of Losma Spa with Fae Tecnology and Ma-El. The research activity aims to reduce CO2 levels, eliminate spores, mold, odors, carcinogens, as well as viral loads and bacteria present in the air during the different processing cycles. The air purification system provides in fact a “hybrid” technique: the PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology is in fact integrated with the UVC (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) technology. The integration with iot sensors and the predictive models that are developing through the use of a real dashboard of analysis of the data collected on the plant, will ensure greater efficiency of the plant, high energy savings and fully predictive and automated maintenance.

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The article discusses the importance of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in optimizing manufacturing operations, improving worker safety and promoting environmental sustainability. Industry 4.0 represents an advanced stage of industrialization, characterized by high levels of computerisation, automation and interconnection to address the growing global demand for goods and the need for sustainable production.

One of the issues addressed is the use of advanced monitoring technologies, such as IIoT, to improve the safety and health of workers. “Self-learning” machines are able to detect dangerous situations during operations and use algorithms to manage safety and health. IIoT is fundamental for Industry 4.0 and contributes to the management of industrial processes.

The article also highlights the importance of factory air control through intelligent filtration systems. These systems promise to create a safer working environment and promote sustainability by reducing energy consumption, downtime and extending plant life. Statistics show the increasing interest of consumers and policy makers in air quality and health impacts.

Mention is made of the case of our company Ma-EL which, through the Green Factory project, is working on an environmental sanitation system. This integrated system uses sensors to constantly monitor air quality and reduce pollutants in the work environment, improving indoor quality against external standards. The system also provides remote management and real-time analysis of the collected data.

Finally, the article points out that companies like Ma-EL are helping to make the factories of the future “green” and are promoting innovation through the use of advanced technologies, such as the IIoT, to improve workers‘ health, the sustainability and efficiency of industrial operations.

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